INVERSUS has specialized departments that allow us to offer our clients a comprehensive consulting service.


The business plan is a presentation detailing the business project.
In this presentation:
*A business opportunity is described and evaluated.
*The potential market is analyzed.
* The skills and abilities of the project promoter and his/her team are evaluated.
*The business model is fully defined.
* Strategies are planned and the actions to be carried out and the means to be used are specified.
* The structure is organized to achieve the objectives.
The function of a business plan is to analyze the business idea in detail, examining its technical, economic, financial, social and environmental feasibility. Likewise, the procedures, strategies and other actions will be described so that the business idea can become a real project.

And the most important thing:
A good Business Plan favors OBTAINING FINANCING.


Our M&A department assists buyers and sellers in the process of acquiring, taking a stake in another company or corporate operation.

In addition, through prestigious international platforms, INVERSUS has access to a pool of investors and potential buyers to streamline these processes.


Beyond traditional Consulting Services (professional services aimed at facilitating the work of managing the company), STRATEGIC CONSULTING is an expert service also aimed at improving the company’s position in the market, as well as its internal functioning and whose the ultimate goal will be to improve profitability.

Strategic Consulting involves the analysis of the relevant decisions of the company and its strategy.

The main functions of strategic consulting are related to all those activities that affect the direction the company will take, including elements such as the acquisition of other companies, digitization or information management.

Our Objective: To improve the productivity, profitability and results of your company.


INVERSUS clients can find in our portfolio of services a complete range of LEGAL, FISCAL and TAX advisory services.
FINANCIAL PLANNING begins with the understanding of the client’s situation and an exhaustive analysis of the Company so that decision-making is always aimed, among other things, at an optimization that minimizes the client’s tax impact.
Many times the solution is not to obtain more financial resources but to restructure existing debts and optimize own resources through internal financing formulas and financial leverage.
Working with a expert team of Advisors that offers you a global vision is not a cost for your company but one of the best investments that a company can undertake.