Optimization of your investment strategy in a constant search for new opportunities and risk diversification.


Would you like to secure a part of your asset with the oldest and safest value in history, in a wholly flexible, profitable way and with instant availability of your funds?

INVERSUS, accredited agent of the prestigious German multinational AUVESTA, offers its clients the opportunity to save or diversify part of their assets in INSTITUTIONAL GOLD, through a flexible deposit account, without any constraint of time, permanence or minimum income to invest.


The market for derivatives and refined oil has become, in recent years, a more than attractive alternative for large investment lobbies.

Thanks to the agreements that INVERSUS has reached with international operators, we bring the option of participating in this lucrative business to small and medium-sized investors who are looking for options to diversify their portfolio in the short term.


The Real Estate Sector continues to offer attractive investment alternatives.

But beyond traditional investments in homes and premises, INVERSUS offers investors who love Real Estate the possibility of investing in a DYNAMIC way and with an approximate RETURN of 8 to 12 months in FINALIST LAND that is later used for real estate development of housing cooperatives.


Investing in national or international companies has become an attractive option for long-term investors looking for a solution with a very strong focus on socially responsible investment.

INVERSUS offers its investors the possibility of accessing business projects with interesting returns.


Software, digital infrastructure and fintech, for example, represent sectors that offer many quality companies with long-term growth prospects.

According to the foundation to promote innovation in Europe Nesta (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts), the average return on investment in start-ups is above 20% per year for well-diversified portfolios in from different sectors


Photovoltaic solar energy represents an alternative to invest in a diversified way, with a series of guarantees and attractive returns.

There are several formulas that allow the average investor to access this type of investment.

One of the most common are investments in SOLAR PARKS, since these represent a good way to obtain the full potential of profitability and security, as they are managed by professionals who look after all aspects of the business.